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This website is best viewed using Firefox.

The Baltic Place website has been designed to be accessible. The following features have been built in to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the information on the site:

Text size
Visitors to the Baltic Place website can choose to re-size the text that appears on each webpage, making the font size bigger or smaller to suit their eyes.

To re-size the text you can simply change the settings of your own web browser, so your browser will view text as you wish:

Setting your text size using Microsoft Internet Explorer

Setting your text size using Firefox

Text alternatives to graphics
All images on the site are backed up by "alt tags". These text alternative tags allow browsers to read a text description of the graphics instead.

Browsers that do not support images, and specialist browsers for the blind, can read out the alt tags and let the visitor know what is displayed.

Some browsers will read the alt tags when the mouse is moved over them.

This website has been designed to be as compatible as possible with different computers and web browsers. Where technology is used that may be incompatible with certain set-ups, a text alternative is provided.

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