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In a collaboration between Gateshead Council and Alcatel Lucent, the area around Baltic Place is served by a dedicated fibre optic network called G-ti, currently delivering up to 10GBs connectivity and scalable to 40Gbs.

Baltic Place is already connected into G-ti with several tenants already using the service. Each floor can be easily subdivided, so there is the potential for a multitude of occupiers without the need for the duplication of many fibre optic cables needing to be installed, removed and changed over time.

When most multi-tenanted office buildings reach capacity, the problem of managing communications infrastructure can become onerous and costly, with cable capacity in risers becoming sparse. The cost to tenants can also be high, with work to run new cables being time consuming and having to be carried out after hours.

This innovative, solution has just been installed in an investment made by Sitenett.  Sitenett installed a state of the art blown fibre optic microduct system.  This means that if a client wishes a fibre connection between the G-ti hub and their office, connecting them to G-ti is much simpler and quicker, meaning it is also cheaper and easier for tenants to connect to G-ti.

The fibre-carrying microducts installed by Sitenett are of great benefit to the building – not only is there a 21st century fibre infrastructure serving the property ,which makes Baltic place an even more attractive proposition, but the system is completely scalable, without being detrimental to the building fabric.


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